What is SEO??

SEO quite simply means Search Engine Optimization. Ever since the internet became a resource for broadened marketing opportunities in the mid-90’s, marketing research has determined that “web-friendly" sites which are designed and catalogued to accommodate “crawling" by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo search, & MSN search, are better prepared for optimized web visibility to potential customers.

Principles of Search Engine Optimization.

Your websites relevance is measured in four key areas that include on-page content, link popularity (links to your site), keywords that link to your site, metadata (behind the scenes or simply, data about data) and web page title tags. All of these factors play a vital part in what will appear on the screen when customers submit their query (search) and if your website will be listed within those search results.

How will this help your company?

If your organization has a service to offer, product to sell, or information that is intended for the public, then this is for you. Imagine having 20-30% more of your customers able to reach you simply because they’re able to find you!

Increased visibility means increased opportunity to bring your organization closer to its quarterly goals, whatever they may be.

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